We are enthusiasts in food,
wine and service.

We are a group of friends that live and breath restaurant. Together, under our flagship, PDF Brasserie Group,we run some of the leading restaurants in Stockholm, says Peter Nordin. Except for Peter, we also find his wife Carina, pastry chef, Filip Guven, chef, Daniel and Theo Stefanidis, both well known sommeliers and dining room personalities.

its important to have vibrant menus, refined settings, social gatherings, uniforms and gastronomy.

Together we make out the platform for PDF. But the real value is in all our wonderful co-workers and skilled artisans that is a part of our organisation-together we uphold high quality and ambition-that is the true PDF.

We have an ocean of events, people, workers and restaurateurs to tell stories about.

Poetry nights, dancing, music and guest appearances in the kitchen. Did you know that Prinsen ran a “Little Prinsen” in the Maldives? Tommy Körberg have performed with Tage Danielssons hymns. Our cloakroom attendant Gerhard has been with us since early 1970`s. Did you know that he is a trombley-painter of highest rank! Come inside and have a look. The famous poet Dan Andersson sat here, and we have letters where he describes the real life of an artist dated back to 1915!