Fotios, you feel my soul. You're an artist, a true artist!"

— Stig Larsson

"Well, tomorrow is already wrecked. Waiter, let me have a big glass of vodka."

— Peter Dahl

At this precise day Carina and Peter are taking over Prinsen.

Six minutes from Prinsen and only fifteen crawling from Riche.

— Charlie Christensen

- My pants!
- Your pants deserve red wine, retorts a female voice.
Damned clerk's pants!

"Knutte", Ellen and Linnea take a break in the sunshine.

"If uncle goes with me, uncle will get a beer"

— Gurr

We all sat here while the century passed by. It was the damned city that drove us here.

— David Lagercrantz

Restaurant Prinsen.
A Brasserie and bistro in
the heart of the city!

An antique feel in a modern setting that puts all their love and attention on food and wine, always with a personal warmth-since 1897!
We have been here since then!

We celebrate the classic kitchen. We cook from scratch with a french feel,a swedish mood, and always with produce of highest quality.

““We are the peoples restaurant””

- peter nordin

We are a cultural establishment that have been visited by many artists, authors, workers, directors and travellers since the beginning of the 1900`s. Books have been born here. Artists have found inspiration for their creations. Hans Alfredsson have told the tale of Tage, and the restaurateurs family have been brought up amongst pans and pots. It is all in the walls!

“choose a job you love,
and you never have to work a day in your life. ”

- konfucius

Link to Google Street View - Look Inside

First and foremost-you cant own a restaurant. As a restaurateur you can be a mentor, adviser, listener and a co-worker. Prinsen is a part of my body and a piece of my soul. I have been a restaurateur for this wonderful establishment since 1985. Prinsen captures its guests, its staff and its owners. Many of my co-workers have worked alongside with me since the start! Welcome home to me and my friends!

Dishes that you
always find
on the menu!

What makes a restaurant survive?What is the purpose of it? We are the kind of place that you can visit regardless of your mood! Fellowship, good food. Community, care, history, knowledge and craftmanship, all are words that symbolise us. However you are feeling, Biff Rydberg and a good beer is always just right. We are more than excited to hear how you are feeling, regardless of it being happiness or sadness.

“when i look back on all these worries, i remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which had never happened”

- winston churchill

Prinsens menus

Below you will find our a la carte menu, lunchmenu, dessertmenu aswell as our set menus, for groups larger than 10 guests. The set menus are discounted if everyone chooses the same.

A la Carte


We welcome parties of 10-40 guests. The groupmenus are discounted if atleast 10 of you chooses the same. Start your evening with a glass of Champagne or a Cocktail. With that, why not oysters and some thinly sliced Pata Negra. Like a small “Cocktailparty”. After that the starter is on the table and the rest will follow. Our set menus are for parties of 10-40 guests, and of course we make exceptions for special diet requirements.

Have a look at our menus above.
Prinsen Classic, The Poets and the Writers menu.

For bigger groups (7-15 guests) we ask you to fill out a form down below and we will get back to you. If you are more than 15 guests we kindly ask you to call us.